Our People

Our People

The Right Person for the Job

GIFS consistently provides personnel with the right combination of knowledge and skills to monitor the successful execution of projects according to applicable codes, regulations, standards, and specifications. GIFS created and maintains a proprietary computer database that includes thousands of qualified candidates. This capability allows GIFS to identify and place qualified candidates quickly and efficiently to meet client needs. In addition, GIFS employs several full-time Account Managers to assess client needs and place qualified personnel.

GIFS strives to maintain the highest standards of service and prides itself on being both an employee and a client-focused organization. GIFS offers an industry-leading benefits package, including a 401 (k) savings plan.

“Our primary focus is to find qualified, experienced and certified personnel that meet our clients’ needs in a timely ¬†fashion.”

– Bob Sprick,
Senior Vice President