Operator Qualification (OQ) Program

In August 1999, the DOT amended gas and liquid pipeline regulations to include the Operator Qualification (OQ) rules. It requires operators of pipelines to use only qualified personnel to perform key operating and maintenance work designated as "covered tasks," regardless of whether the personnel are employed directly by the operator, or by a contractor or subcontractor.

GIFS provides qualified personnel in compliance with specific Owner requirements through Veriforce, NCCER and MEA. We monitor personnel’s expiration dates to prevent work delays and maintain records necessary for documenting compliance with the rule. GIFS also works with Veriforce and ISNetworld in maintaining complete and accurate information on employee and company statistics, OSHA logs, Experience Modification Rate (EMR) letters and current insurance certificates.

GIFS is a member of the Veriforce Contractor Advisory Group (VCAG). VCAG is a proactive voice within the pipeline industry to represent the interests and concerns of pipeline and pipeline related contractors to provide a safe and qualified work force and to assist in the standardization of DOT Operator Qualifications.